Why don't the hard drives of the Ciphertex NAS go into standby mode?



Why don't the hard drives of Ciphertex NAS go into standby mode?



First of all, make sure you have enabled the "disk standby mode" function in System Tools/ Hardware Settings on the administration page.
If the function does not work according to your settings, you may check if the following services or features are running.
There must NOT be any access to these services for the HDD standby mode to work.

1. UPnP/Twonkymedia function on NAS.

2. NTP server.

3. BT download.

4. Microsoft Networking -> AD service, WINS server, Domain Master.

5. Share folder mapping.

6. Network access to the NAS. If the NAS is connecting to Internet, make sure you don’t enable DMZ or port forwarding on your router/firewall. A Hacker may try to connect your NAS and thus prevent HDDs from entering standby.

7. The NAS Finder. This program will keep checking the existence of the NAS and prevent it from entering standby.

8. If your NAS is shared among multiple PCs on the same network, be sure there is no access from the PCs to the NAS. You can disconnect the LAN cable to assure this.

9. If you have copied a lot of pictures to the NAS, the NAS will create the thumbnail files for the pictures. This may take a long time, even days if there are many pictures.

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