Does the CX-Ranger support RAID-6?



Does the CX-Ranger support RAID-6?


Yes and No.


The CX-Ranger-SAS does support RAID-6 natively.

The CX-Ranger-EX does not natively support RAID-6 configuration.
However, it is possible to setup the CX-Ranger to emulate the 2-drive failure tolerance of RAID-6.

Using the Advanced Mode of the RAID Manager, setup the Ranger for a 4-drive RAID-5 leaving 1 drive unconfigured.
The CX-Ranger will use an unconfigured drive as a Hot Spare.
If there is a drive failure in the RAID volume, the RAID Controller will automatically start rebuilding the failed drive on the Hot Spare.
After the volume is rebuilt if there is another drive failure, the RAID volume status will become 'Degraded'.
All Data is still accessible, but the failed drives must be replaced immediately to restore reliability to the RAID volume.

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